Brain Exercise Group

Life Skills Village's Jitterbugs Group

Life Skills Village is happy to be able to offer special groups that help bring people together.

Our Jitterbug group does exactly that, we serve as a facilitator for developing gross motor, fine motor, team working, and associative play, with a focus on various sports and activities. This group can be run in conjunction with Social Butterflies to maximize development!

Our group runs over the course of 5-weeks; we have one for children ages 4 and 6. Each session is 45 minutes and is on Tuesdays at 4 pm. Oh, and the cost is only $150 per child and $75 for each additional child!

All sessions take place at Life Skills Village.

25900 Greenfield Rd. Ste 100, Oak Park, MI 48237.


Session Availability

AGE: 4yrs – 6yrs