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We Are An Outpatient Rehabilitation And Mental Health Facility

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Psychologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, social-workers, counselors, and speech-language pathologists all work collaboratively to help support our clients in progressing towards their goals.

Our team will work with you in-person, in the community, or online.


Established 2009


Helping clients work on their goals with our state-of-the-art facility and through our telehealth services.


To provide a holistic level of care for our patients and be a service that one would be happy to send their loved ones to.


Transforming the lives of the people under our care. We are not afraid to take on hard cases; we succeed where others fail.


Life Skills Village initially specialized in treating individuals who sustained traumatic brain injuries and has expanded its service line and treatable diagnoses substantially. We provide rehabilitation and mental health through psychotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy services, and physical therapy.

Our Clinical Directors and Leadership Team

Bryan Weinstein

Dr. Bryan Weinstein, D.O., C.E.O. and Medical Director

David Cowan

Dr. David Cowan, PhD, LP, Neuropsychologist and Clinical Director


Dr. Destiny Peterson, PhD, LP, Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Director

High Resolution Portrait of Dr. Phillip Tyler Roskos

Dr. Tyler Roskos, PhD, LP, Neuropsychologist

Portrait of Jeff Wilbur

Jeff Wilbur,
Co-Founder Life Skills Village, Chief Clinical Director

Portrait of Nate Gardin

Nate Gardin, Co-Founder Life Skills Village, COO and Business Development

Erica Caldwell

Erica Caldwell,
Vice President of Administration


portrait of Joe Menser

Joe Menser,



Photo of Eric B, Billing Supervisor for Life Skills Village

Eric Bates,
Billing Supervisor

Portrait of Priscilla Scovic

Priscilla Roussis Scovic, Business Development and Sales Manager

Andrea Dell

Andrea White, MS, OTR/L, Department Head, Occupational Therapy

The Life Skills Village Team

Social Skills - 2023-01-27T160137.831

Nekita Potts,

Scheduling Intake Coordinator

Social Skills - 2024-05-02T125259.737

Gabrielle Grier,


Social Skills - 2024-03-15T161913.175

Zhana Randolph,

Workshop Manager

Social Skills - 2023-09-06T120024.849

Danielle Johnson-Wilson Workshop Assistant

Social Skills - 2024-04-29T110603.647

Matthew Horne, MS, OTR/L, Occupational Therapist

Social Skills (84)

Alissia Wells, OTR/L Occupational Therapist

Social Skills - 2023-06-13T134824.435

Terese O'Rourke, MOT, OTR/L, Occupational Therapist


Social Skills - 2023-11-29T121839.268

Sophia Casanova, OTR/L, Occupational Therapist


Alexandria Jerichow

Alexandria Jerichow, MA, LLP,  Psychologist

Social Skills - 2024-04-29T110533.618

Marisa Mills, MS, LLP, Psychometrician

Social Skills - 2023-06-07T162745.508

Michelle Kruz, MA, A-TR-P, TLLP, Psychotherapist


Social Skills - 2023-09-06T120259.346

Sally Thrasher, TLLP, Psychotherapist

Photo of Analy Aguilar, TLLP

Analy Aguilar, MS, TLLP

Social Skills - 2024-02-05T112703.189

Robert Savage, MA, TLLP Psychotherapist

Social Skills - 2024-06-03T162308.465

Aaron Reina, MA, LLP Psychotherapist

Social Skills (38)

Michelle Klaty, DPT, Cert. MDT- Physical Therapist

Katrina Langen

Katrina Langen, DPT, Cert. MDT - Physical Therapist

Social Skills - 2024-01-24T121137.342

Camille Haslinger, CCC, Speech and Language Pathologist

Jonathan Shaya

Jonathan Shaya,

Finance Clerk

Devea Thomas, Medical Biller for Life Skills Village.

Devea Thomas, Medical Biller

Social Skills - 2023-11-08T164318.475

Kandace Marshall,  Accounts Receivable Clerk

KirstenB Headshot2-01

Kirsten Bray,
Graphic Designer

Social Skills - 2024-03-15T162913.897

Deandre Davis,

Job Coach