New Therapy, New Facility Same World Class Treatment


Welcoming Dr. Michelle Klaty to the Life Skills Village team as the Physical Therapy Department head – we have a lot to talk about as we update you on the newest addition to Life Skills Village. 


Michelle Klaty was born and raised in Grand Blanc (Flint area) where she also completed her education and is a 2002 Graduate of the University of Michigan-Flint with a Doctors of Physical Therapy. She later became certified in the McKenzie Diagnosis and Treatment (Certified MDT) for the treatment of the spine and the extremities.


Michelle started her career as a Physical Therapist in Occupational Medicine where she began working with patients who had Traumatic Brain (TBI) and Spinal Cord Injury (SCI). Her first experiences utilized a community based approach, including multiple disciplines, similar to the same comprehensive treatment model she continues today with Life Skills Village.


Over the course of her extensive career, Michelle has been able to build on her experience working in multiple hospitals, home care environments, as well as owning and operating her own Physical Therapy Clinic. Michelle has also been able to apply her professional skills through her extensive volunteer and sports related work. She has provided medical support assistance at internationally credentialed sporting events where she has worked for high profile clients (with brain injuries and strokes) in both the United States and abroad. When Michelle isn’t providing direct care to patients, she is an intermittent lecturer at the University of Michigan- Flint’s School of Physical Therapy


We are excited to welcome Michelle to our team where her extensive experience adds to Life Skills Village’s highly acclaimed group of providers and therapists. We are looking forward to Dr. Klaty directing her unique energy and experience towards helping our patients reach their highest levels of independence and fulfillment.