Local Donates a Theracycle to Life Skills Village to Treat those with Parkinson’s Disease

A few months ago a local community member; Judith Gardner reached out to us to offer up the use of their Thera-cycle. A cycle used specifically to help those with Parkinson’s. We are beyond grateful of her donation and gift to the community:)



Here is what Judith had to say while paraphrasing without names to respect the privacy of her family:

“I am very happy to have found someone who can make use of the Thera-cycle that my brother used during his challenges with Parkinson’s.

My brother a Master Sgt. in the U.S. Air Force, at the age of 60 was retired from his career and working for the government when he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. At that time, he was living in Atlanta with his Wife. We purchased the Thera-cycle for him in order to try to keep him active. He used it for many years and it helped with his gait, balance and general well-being. They eventually moved back to the Detroit area in order to get support from family members. He continued to use the bike along with other occupational therapies. My brother always had a positive attitude and rarely complained, except in a humorous way when he wanted to let his wife and sisters know “who was in charge”. 

He always had a spirit of giving to others and we want to continue in that spirit by donating the Thera-cycle so that others can receive some of the benefits that he received. We are especially pleased that many people facing challenges will have the opportunity to use in the Life Skills Village facility. We are very grateful for this opportunity to help others in a small way.” 

Judith, who donated the Thera-cycle is a long time resident of Oak Park and we could not be more grateful of the graciousness she has exemplified through her willingness to not only give back but also share her story with us. We will be able to utilize the Thera-cycle during our Parkinson’s Treatment plan.



About the Bike: “The Theracycle actually works with your body. While traditional exercise equipment requires a certain level of strength and endurance, the Theracycle’s unique motor allows every individual to get the exercise they need regardless of their strength and endurance levels on any given day. A Theracycle provides our customers with full body motorized assisted therapy proven to reduce symptoms and improve mobility and motor skills.

Many people living with Parkinson’s disease, MS, Stroke, Spinal Cord Injury, Arthritis and other neurological or mobility conditions have discovered the benefits of a Theracycle motorized physical therapy stationary bike.”


Check out this Link to Learn More: https://www.theracycle.com/